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Who exactly is SPARQ Assemby?

More about us

SPARQ Assembly was originally founded in 1937. At that time Arjen Vonk started selling radio equipment. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise concerning electrical engineering, he managed to connect himself as a partner to the Dutch Oil Company – NAM. With the precense of the NAM in the Coevorden region, the company kept on growing. In 2002 the company changed it’s name to Imtech-Vonk. SPARQ Assembly is a part of the Industry International group since 2015.

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Vestiging van Radio Vonk in Coevorden

What can our customers and clients expect of us?

Assembling Reliability

A clear and distinct way of communicating with our clients and customers is important for us, because all of our products are custom-built for our clients. Thanks to our experience and expertise we can guarantee our clients excellent quality. Also thanks to our experience and expertise we have many long-term, productive relationships. SPARQ Assembly is active in multiple markets such as the oil-, gas-, petrochemical-, machine building and energy market.

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